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© Diego Cervo, Christophe Rolland/Shutterstock.com
© Diego Cervo, Christophe Rolland/Shutterstock.com

Hessenbox-DA is a sync and share system.

It offers an alternative to commercial services which is compliant to the data protection and copyright regulations.

With Hessenbox-DA, you are able to share and synchronize any file or folder on any device. It ensures that you have your latest documents always in your hands – no matter where you are or what device your are using.

Service Characteristics: Hessenbox-DA Offers …

  • 30 GB for students and 100 GB for employees
  • The possibility to save data on a server and access it from mobile devices
  • The possibility to share files with employees, students and guests of TU Darmstadt as well as with external persons, whom you grant access
  • File downloads for people you entitled.
  • Online editing of documents with OnlyOffice in your web browser

Who is entitled to use Hessenbox? Where can they log in?

  • Employees of the TU Darmstadt have a storage capacity of 100 GB at their disposal. Sign up for Hessenbox-DA
  • Students of the TU Darmstadt have a storage capacity of 30 GB at their disposal. Sign up for Hessenbox-DA
  • Guests can log on to the system, but do not have their own memory, but can access memory released for them by employees. Sign up for Hessenbox-DA
  • External users (without TU-ID) can use Hessenbox-DA if they are given access to the system by employees.

General Conditions

You can access Hessenbox-DA with a client software that HRZ provides (for MS Windows, Apple MacOS X, Linux, Apple iOS and Android) or with a web browser. Additional system requrements


Hessenbox-DA is funded by the State of Hesse and provided by HRZ for free, at least until May 2020.