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simpleArchive – Archive research data quickly and easily

Grafische Darstellung des Archivierens von SimpleArchiv

SimpleArchive is an application for archiving research data. Your data will be archived for at least ten years!

With simpleArchive files are marked with a unique identification identifier, Persistant Identifier (PID) (similar to a URL). This PID enables simple data exchange between researchers worldwide.

Service features: What simpleArchive offers you

  • Archiving of files up to a maximum size of 2 GB each.
  • For each subject area, files with a total volume of 1 TB can be archived free of charge per year.
  • Archiving of data for a period of at least ten years. The archiving period can be extended on request.
  • Allocation of a worldwide unique PID per uploaded file.
  • Provision of the archived file via PID, on request of an interested party.

Who can use simpleArchive? How does the registration work?

The service is available to employees of the TU Darmstadt and can be used directly by calling the URL

As part of the login process, you must authenticate yourself with your business e-mail address and your TU-ID. You must also enter the contact details of an alternative contact person and the professor of the department or the head of the organizational unit. If your information is correct, you can use simpleArchive immediately.

Technical requirements

There are no special technical requirements. All you need is a browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) and an Internet connection.


Up to 1 TB files per year can be archived free of charge per subject area via simpleArchive. This is monitored by regularly evaluating the archived volume.

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