Jabber Client

Chat and conference functions for mobile working


Are you in possession of a TU-ID? If so, the Jabber Client is another helpful tool that supports you in your (mobile) work with useful features like (group) chat or audio and video conferencing.

Chat function – One-on-one or in a group

After installation you can chat directly with other users via the Jabber Client. If you want to send messages not only to one but to several people – e.g. your team or a working group – you can have a permanent chat room set up. Such a “room” is managed by an owner and, if desired, additional moderators. These can invite new members to the chat or remove them.

Setting up and managing a chat room

To set up such a chat room please send a message to The administration of the chat is done via the small “i” on the left side of the chat name in the room.

Client based telephony for users of Alcatel phones

Users of Alcatel telephones can currently be unlocked due to still available resources in the area of the UC system, in order to be able to use audio and video transmissions as well as the telephone conference functions via the Jabber Client on your computer or laptop at your mobile workplace or on your smartphone. Your Alcatel office phone continues to work when no client is active. The only requirement is that you have a “personal phone number”, i.e. that you do not share “your” phone and therefore the corresponding number with several people.

You can find detailed information as well as the link to the assignment at www.hrz.tu-darmstadt.de/jabber.