UPDATE +++ Modifications for Zoom

From 27 September 2020 Zoom meetings only with passcode


+++ UPDATE: Zoom will not implement its meeting access restrictions on 19 July as previously planned, but only on 27 September 2020.+++ To protect against so-called “zoom bombing” , the allocation of a so-called passcode for new Zoom meetings and web seminars will be obligatory from 27 September 2020.

“Passcode” is a new name for the previous meeting password, which previously protected meetings via accounts of the campus license by default. With the passcode you can authenticate yourself as a legitimate meeting participant.

Procedure for meetings already scheduled

With the key date, a waiting room is automatically added to all existing meetings that do not yet have a meeting password, i.e. a passcode. This also reliably prevents zoom bombing. A host that brings participants from the waiting room into the meeting is now mandatory. Especially the “Sign in before Host”, which is often used in small groups, no longer works without a passcode.

For events that have always had a passcode (or password), nothing changes. There will be no forced waiting room there in the future – unless the host had entered it explicitly. Participants with a valid passcode can still dial into the meeting, even before the host has opened the meeting.

What to do now

Organisers who work against the recommendations of the HRZ without a passcode must now decide whether they want to continue to do so from 19 July 2020. If so, the installation of a waiting room is mandatory.

Please remember to provide your meeting participants with the passcodes created for your meetings.

More about Zoom

Further information about the web conference tool Zoom can be found here.