Account statement 3.0:

Introduction of the new financial evaluations for personnel costs


Ladies and gentlemen,

we would like to draw attention to the introduction of the account statement 3.0:

Financial evaluations have been running using the SAP account statement since 2001. This application is a complex in-house development of the Hessian universities, which has not been further developed since 2007.

The Technical University of Darmstadt has created a new reporting format called Account Statement 3.0, which will initially be offered parallel to the current account statement and is intended to replace it in the long term.

The first new reports relate to personnel cost analysis and are provided in the SAP Portal under the “Finances” tab in the “Personnel Analysis” section.

Starting in September 2020, Dec. III will offer training in ZOOM format for the new reports. The training dates will be announced by the internal training department.

With kind regards

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