Emotet is back!

New wave of attacks by ransomware


The ransomware, which encrypts computers with the aim of extorting ransom money, reports back with a new wave of attacks.

After a quiet period of emotet over the past five months, the malware is now active again – and all the more violently so. According to the online magazine t3n, huge amounts of spam are currently being sent worldwide. If the attack is successful, Emotet loads more malware (such as Trickbot) after a while, which steals passwords, cookies or SSH keys. The malware can also continue to spread in networks on its own.

How to protect yourself and what you can do

Information on this is, among others, provided by the BSI: https://www.bsi-fuer-buerger.de/BSIFB/DE/Service/Aktuell/Informationen/Artikel/emotet.html