Tips for using Jabber

The Top 4 FAQs at a glance


More and more employees use the Jabber Client for their mobile work. The one or other question appears – we have compiled the top 4 answers for you here.

1. Is the installation on private devices possible?

The necessary software for cell phones is available free of charge from the Apple Store or the Google Playstore. It is also available via the UC portal of the HRZ. Use on business devices is recommended.

Note: Please obtain the Android version from the UC portal at the moment, as the current Playstore version may cause problems with authentication.

2. How do I use my Alcatel phone in conventional mode (without Jabber)?

The Alcatel phone is available if Jabber is logged off (concerns Jabber users with an Alcatel office phone (opens in new tab)).

To use your Alcatel desk phone as before, you only have to disable the phone service of the Jabber client. You have three possibilities to do this:

  • Deactivate telephone service (telephone icon in the lower right corner -> device for calls -> deactivate telephone service) – Chat still possible (recommended)
  • Exit the Jabber client (gear wheel icon top right -> Exit) – no chat possible
  • Log out (gear symbol top right -> log out) – no chat possible

3. How can I use Jabber to show that I am in a video conference (e.g. zoom) or a presentation (PowerPoint)?

The easiest way is to switch off the visual and acoustic indication. To do this, select in your settings > Status > “Please do not disturb”. The call appears in the call list as usual.

4. How can I use Jabber with Alcatel secretarial systems?

You can only use Jabber if the secretarial function has been deactivated.

More information about Jabber

For more information, please refer to our FAQs, the updated manuals or our explanatory video.

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If you have any questions, please contact the HRZ via or call -71115.