Information Security Guideline of the TU Darmstadt adopted


The operation of a university depends to a large extent on the quality of its IT services. With the adoption of the guideline on information security, the TU Darmstadt has taken an important first step towards improving the way it deals with IT security-related issues.

For the successful use of information technology, the confidence of users in its security is of decisive importance. Ensuring this security in the face of a growing threat situation and rapidly developing technology is a challenge which the university sees as a common task.

To this end, the IT Security Guideline forms a binding basis for the IT security process of the TU Darmstadt and the organisational structure required for this purpose for all organisational units. It defines tasks and responsibilities in order to achieve the main objective – the protection of confidentiality as well as the integrity and availability of data in compliance with data protection and other legal requirements – while always keeping the balance between the requirements of academic freedom and those of IT security in mind.

The guideline represents a first milestone in a continuous IT security process for the TU Darmstadt. Further concrete steps and measures will follow.