Service Groupware

Problems accessing functional mailboxes


+++UPDATE+++ (27.01.2021) With the installation of the update CU19 for Exchange 2016 on 22.01.2021, the problems with accessing file attachments via the groupware web interface were resolved.

Due to the recently installed Cumulative Update 18 for Exchange 2016, there are problems accessing attachments in a functional mailbox.

The problem only occurs if ALL of the following apply:

  • Access with groupware web interface (“OWA”).
  • Access to a functional mailbox
  • Download / display of attachments

In this case the download fails.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT try to log in to the Microsoft Cloud Service offered instead! Your TU-ID login data is not valid there. Instead, you would make your TU-ID password accessible to a third party, which is not permitted.

To fix the error, we will test the follow-up update “Cumulative Update 19” as soon as possible and prepare the installation.

Until then, you have several options to work around the problem:

  • Use a mail client:: Both Outlook and an IMAP client can access attachments in function mailboxes without any problems. Or:
  • Use the “light mode” in the groupware web interface. It is best to use the direct URL and make sure to enter the mail address of the function mailbox as shown in the example:
    •<mail address of the function mailbox>/?layout=light
      • Example: