Announcement Activation GitLab Project Lifecycle

Projects not used for at least twelve months are deleted.


Next week (15-19 April), the first step of GitLab's project lifecycle will be activated. This means that all projects that have not been used for at least twelve months will be identified and the associated project participants will be notified that these projects will be deleted in eight weeks if they are not used by then.

If the projects are not used, they are exported and deleted from GitLab. The exports are kept in S3 storage for another four weeks as a precaution.

If users still need their project, they can simply commit it within the next eight weeks. The project will then be automatically unmarked.

Alternatively, if users are unable to make a change to their project in GitLab, they can request an extension of their project by twelve months by sending an email to To ensure that the extension request can be correctly assigned, the ID and name of the project as well as the associated GitLab instance ( should be included in the request. The project ID can be found in the project overview under the project name.

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