IT security gaps

Be informed quickly – act quickly!


The current wave of attacks on Microsoft Exchange servers once again shows how important it is to install security updates as soon as possible after they are made available.

At the beginning of March, the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik – BSI) warned of vulnerabilities and called on IT admins to update and check their systems. Often, the systems were not up to date or the administrative contact persons could not be reached immediately.

However, the current software versions enabled the HRZ to patch quickly, so that major damage to the TU Darmstadt could be averted.

To ensure that information on warnings from the BSI flows quickly, the TU offers special information channels for the decentralised IT admins and decentralised IT security officers in the TU Darmstadt institutions. If you are a decentralised IT admin or IT security officer, be sure to subscribe to the it-sec-info mailing list at

Decentralised IT security officers at TU Darmstadt can also gain access to a Hessenbox, via which warnings from the BSI about (potential) security vulnerabilities are available as early as possible.

Access is granted by TUDa-Cert by reporting the TU ID, e-mail:

Please only use software and devices that are available from the manufacturer with current software versions and update your systems immediately with available security patches.

Together we can protect the IT systems of the TU Darmstadt and thus your information and data!

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