Access to central e-mail box after end of employment

What you need to know as a Service Groupware customer


For customers of our Service Groupware, we offer two options for extended access to the central e-mail address and the mailbox. To do this, however, you must first become active.

The following situation: An employee leaves the TU Darmstadt due to a termination of employment. Normally, the central email address and the email inbox are irrevocably deleted after 30 days. However, professors are exempt from this regulation. Their e-mail addresses and mailboxes remain available.

Extended availability for Service Groupware customers

For our Service Groupware customers, however, e-mail accessibility can still be ensured for employees who are leaving. There are two options for this:

1. e-mail address remains available: Extended availability can now even be used for 12 months, incoming e-mails to the previous central e-mail address (contact object) are forwarded to an external e-mail address.

2. groupware mailbox remains: Ordering a guest TU-ID and a and optionally an address in your department/subject domain – possible for an unlimited period of time.

We will explain which of the two services makes sense in your case on our Service Group website. There you will find all relevant information as well as