Attention: Warning against SPAM/Phishing via SMS

SPAM/Phishing via SMS on your smartphone


Facebook data published by a leak is misused for SPAM/Phishing via SMS.

Through a Facebook data leak, more than 500 million records with names, date of birth, mobile phone number, etc. have been published. This data is misused to send fake SMS to smartphones.

Facebook itself does not currently provide any information to the affected users (see link [2] below).

Since there is now evidence that these fake SMS are real, please make sure that you do not click on links in these SMS in order to protect your personal data and the data of the TU Darmstadt. Opening the links could install a Trojan on your smartphone. It is best to delete these messages or report them to the Bundesnetzagentur.

If you have already clicked on the link, go offline with your smartphone, back up your data via cable and reset the smartphone to factory settings. It may happen that data is partially lost in the process.

Older, not up-to-date Android versions are probably more affected, as they are an easier target for such attacks.

It can be assumed that these fake SMS will be sent over a longer period of time.

This is a general advice to protect your personal data, please also note the corresponding press releases about this:

[1] Report on (in German)

[2] Report on (in German)