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Adjusted archiving rule for online archive mailboxes in the Groupware service


Archiving rules can only be customised for emails. Special folders such as appointments or tasks are archived according to fixed rules – this rule has now been changed.

In order to expand the maximum offered mailbox size “L” of 10 GB, further space is provided in the Groupware service in the form of the online archive – an additional mailbox for e-mails that are not required for permanent access. Once a day, all e-mails are checked and old e-mails are moved. For this purpose, the mailbox owner can select an archive policy for each mail folder in the mailbox.

Previously: Appointments and tasks are archived after two years

Special folders such as appointments and tasks are also subject to archiving policies – but these cannot be changed by the owner, as is the case with e-mails. Appointments or tasks that are two years or older were consequently moved to the calendar in the online archive. This meant that old appointments were in a different place or a history could no longer be traced.

Now: Appointments and tasks are no longer archived automatically

In order to optimise the service for you, from now on the system will set the policy “never move” for appointments and tasks, so that you have direct access also to older data.

If desired, older appointments and tasks can be moved back once from the online archive to the primary mailbox after the change and are then available again.

You can find more information here.