The old web design of the TU says goodbye to 15.07.2022

Change to the Responsive Design now!


A large part of the TU websites have long since appeared in Responsive Design, the old static web design is a discontinued model: prepare your outdated website for the changeover in terms of content and structure and then apply to us for the quality check, acceptance and going live.

The web team started transferring websites to Responsive Design in 2019. A lot has happened since then: In addition to the central TU website and the broad web offering of the central administration, the central websites of 11 of the 13 departments have now been converted. In addition, there are numerous websites of institutions, departments and projects – there are now more than 280 responsive websites. Many thanks for this achievement and the commitment of countless editors and their “helpers”!

Since a large part of the TU's web traffic now comes from responsive websites, the web team has set 15 July 2022 as an End of Life (EOL) date for the old web design, following approval by the Executive Board.

We ask all those responsible for still classic web presences to push ahead with the corresponding work for a move. Your website must be converted by 15.07.2022! Of course, the web team is available to provide support.

Help on the subject of Responsive Design and the conversion

Websites that are not prepared for responsiveness by 15.07.2022 will be switched offline on this date and then deleted from FirstSpirit after a further period of four weeks. This also applies to websites for which the web team has not received any requests.

Of course, we are available for questions or advice regarding the conversion to the Responsive Design. Please use our contact form contact form for this and to request acceptance.