12th AdmindDay at the TU Darmstadt

A review


The 12th AdminDay at TU Darmstadt took place on Friday, 5 November 2021, and was again very well attended with almost 100 participants.

The event was opened by the deputy director of the HRZ, Dipl.-Kffr. Anna Schindler, who then handed over the floor to Vice President, Scientific Infrastructure and Digitization Prof. De Gersem. De Gersem addressed a few words of welcome to the participants and emphasised, among other things, the importance of the exchange of communication between the University Computer Centre and the departments, institutes and central facilities of the TU Darmstadt.

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This was followed by the presentations:

  • “New Login Service” – Speaker: Clemens Bergmann, HRZ.
  • “The IT Security Process at the TU Darmstadt” – Speakers: Johannes Braun, Jochen Becker, HRZ
  • “Update on the SAM project” – Speakers: Oliver Schmid, Rhea Stock, Francesco Novelli, HRZ
  • “Update on Campus Contracts”, “M/O365 ”, “Video Conferencing” and “RedHat” – Speakers: Andreas Schönfeld, Markus Borst, HRZ

During the forty-minute break, virtual session rooms were available for the participants to answer additional questions from the speakers.

The event went on for the planned three hours and was accompanied by a lively exchange of information.

Missed the event?

No problem – the slides of the presentations are available for download.

Make a note now!

The 13th AdminDay will take place in April 2022. The exact date will be announced later.

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