More efficiency in mobile phone management

HRZ project harmonises mobile phone landscape at TU Darmstadt


Until now, the choice of mobile phone contracts and mobile phone devices at the TU Darmstadt has not been subject to a separate guideline, so that over the years a heterogeneous mobile phone landscape has developed at the TU, with many different contracts and conditions from different providers. The project reconception mobile phone management (“Neukonzeption Mobilfunkmanagement”) has set itself the task of harmonising the mobile communications landscape at the TU Darmstadt and thus improving efficiency, effectiveness and processes for the entire university.

Thanks to a newly introduced management software, a new platform for billing is now available, which offers a higher degree of transparency. The introduction made it possible to replace the old software and billing method, which no longer met current security and technical standards. The new software also makes it possible to offer proactive customer advice. Tariffs and contracts can now be optimally managed and tailored to the customer, and billing can be automated.

In addition, there is now also a repair service. Defective devices are sent to the contract partner to have a repair carried out after the cost estimate, for example in the case of display repairs, battery or software damage, software or security updates.

The service features at a glance

  • personal, individual advice on current tariffs
  • Optimal management of tariffs and contracts
  • Conclusion of new contracts (with or without end device) and number portability (see general conditions)
  • Renewal of your current contract and optimisation of conditions if necessary
  • termination of your current contract
  • Automated billing
  • If required, data deletion according to DSGVO incl. certificate of data deletion
  • Procurement of end devices (also without contract)
  • Repair service

Further information

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