Successful project completion

Introduction of the central e-mail address at the TU Darmstadt


5500 central e-mail addresses (first name.surname{lfdNr} were made available to the employees of the TU Darmstadt in September 2019 smoothly and thus almost unnoticed.

The project to introduce a uniform e-mail address for all TU Darmstadt employees was launched in June 2018 by a resolution of the Presidential Board.

There were a number of good reasons for this decision:

  • The uniform spelling (firstname.surname{lfdNr} strengthens the image of the TU Darmstadt to the outside world.
  • Strengthening of the Corporate Identity
  • All employees can be found in one address book.
  • When the TU-ID is activated, each new employee is automatically provided with an e-mail address and a mailbox.
  • The e-mail address is linked to the life cycle of the employment relationship.
  • And last but not least: a significant cost reduction.

The changeover was flanked by a series of HRZ communication measures. Comprehensive information material can still be found on the project website, which is constantly being updated with additional material. For example, a checklist for service representatives will follow shortly.

The central e-mail address is already being actively used by the central administration, most of the central services, such as the University Sports Centre, FIF, the University Didactic Unit, the Centre for Teacher Education and of course the HRZ. Currently, the conversion of other departments and faculties is underway.

Advice and further information

The Campus customer service advises existing and prospective customers on the changeover and accompanies the process to the central e-mail address. If you have any questions or are interested, please contact

You can find further information on our project website.