Mobile Work

information and tools provided by the HRZ


The possibility of working mobile has rapidly gained importance due to the current situation. The HRZ provides the technical conditions for this and supports you with important information, for example on IT security, as well as on many tools for collaborative work.

To ensure that you can still be reached as usual via your business telephone connection, all connections belonging to the TU Darmstadt have been authorised for call forwarding. Furthermore, you can organize your Outlook mailbox via the Groupware web interface.

IT security is especially important when working mobile. While using private devices, you should always follow the security instructions of the HRZ and log in via the TU VPN, your secured and authenticated connection to the TU network.

What is otherwise discussed and worked on in person must and can now be done by using tools and platforms for collaborative work.

  • For example, files such as projects, presentations, etc. can be stored online via the Hessenbox-DA Sync & Share system in compliance with data protection regulations and managed via various devices.
  • The chat client Jabber allows all owners of a TU-ID to connect with all Jabber users at the TU and on the internet or to talk in so-called Jabber rooms.
  • With the help of web conferencing tools such as Zoom or DFNconf, audio and video conferences can be held on the web or on mobile devices. In particular, you can share your screen or a window, record the conference and stream it if necessary.
    • Zoom is a very clearly arranged and easy to use tool for web conferences. The cloud service supports different usage scenarios – from virtual teamwork to online presentations and online courses. Currently, these are licensed at the TU for events with up to 300 participants. With a basic license, web conferences – with up to 2 persons with no time limit, with more than 2 persons with a time limit of 40 minutes – can be called and conducted free of charge. For registration, please use your TU Darmstadt e-mail address (
    • Via DFNconf - the conference service in the German Research Network (DFN) – you can conduct free video and audio conferences on the web or on mobile devices. Employees can participate in conferences or set them up themselves, students can only participate.

An overview of all content and further details can be found on our mobile working page.