Antivirus Software

Prevent, detect and remove malware!

In cooperation with other Hessian universities HRZ has licensed Sophos Anti-Virus as anti-virus software for TU Darmstadt's university campus. The license is valid for all employees and students of the university. You can use this anti-virus software on and off campus on your work or student computer as well as your private PC.

Service features: This is what the service has to offer

  • Download Sophos Anti-Virus software for different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
  • Distribution of new software versions and IDE files on campus via TU Darmstadt's update server
    • monthly updates of the anti-virus software with new detection strings for malware (identities) and possibly modified program files
    • continuous updates and releases of new identities as so-called IDE files
  • Scan files on your computer for malware (viruses, worms, Trojans,…)

For more information about Sophos's features click here.

Who can use the antivirus software? Where can I get it?

The anti-virus software can be used by all employees and students at TU Darmstadt. All authorized users can use the software on their business or student computers on and off campus and also on their private computers.

Download Instructions
Sophos anti-virus for Windows installing and uninstalling
Sophos anti-virus for MAC OSX installing
Sophos anti-virus for Linux/Unix installing

framework conditions

Sophos Anti-Virus software and subsequent updates can only be downloaded within TU Darmstadt's campus network or via VPN access.


The anti-virus software is free of charge and available to all employees and students at TU Darmstadt.