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In general

If you have any questions in terms of IT-security our staff is happy to assist you. The following list provides an overview of the current network boundry for blocked IP addresses at TU Darmstadt .

Regulations and policies

In general, all users of IT systems at TU Darmstadt need to comply with the according IT regulations . This agreement constitutes the general groundwork in terms of handling our IT systems and working with them. Further, TU Darmstadt's IT-Security Policy applies. This policy outlines the necessary minimum requirements, such as antivirus-software. It also discloses and regulates consequences in case of infringement. In regard to issues concerning data privacy at TU Darmstadt we also strongly cooperate with data privacy activists at our university.

We are prepaired to help you in case of issues, incidents and questions

If you have any reason to suspect irregularities in terms of your IT system in use, please do not hesistate to contact us. This also applies to situations that might be threatening towards an infrastructure. For all of these cases, we offer recommandations for taking action . If you should have any questions related to IT-security and/or data privacy, please feel free to refer to us. You may also use our rescue CD-Rom: “HRZ Rettungs-CD”, which can be used to try to tackle issues on your own as an initial response.