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DFNconf at the Technical University of Darmstadt

Web video conferencing tool for online meetings

TU Darmstadt employees can use their TU-ID to conduct web conferences via the German Research Network (DFN). Employees can participate in conferences and set them up whereas students can participate only.

In particular, they you can share the screen or particular windows, record the conference and create a Video stream.

How can I use the DFN service?

To be able to set up meetings as an organizer, you must take the following steps:

  • You activate your access to the DFN service in the IDM-Portal interface of the TU Darmstadt. This can be done in the IDM portal in the “Persönliche Accountverwaltung --> Zustimmungen” section.
    With this activation you allow Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ) to forward displayed data to DFN via its authentication and authorisation infrastructure (DFN-AAI) with Shibboleth.
    >> Instructions for DFN-AAI activation
  • After a successful activation you can log on to the web conference tool of DFN and set up online meetings.

Meeting participants receive an invitation e-mail from the organizer and have to click on the access link provided there in order to take part in the web conference.

DFN WebConf – How to
In this How to you find a summary of the requirements as well as instructions how to organize and conduct web conferences.


Technical requirements