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Setting Up Web and Video Conferencing with TU-ID

Access to DFN's Video and Web Conference System for TU Darmstadt's students and staff

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TU Darmstadt's employees and students can use their TU-ID to hold web conferences via the German Research Network (DFN). Employees can participate in conferences or set them up themselves, students can only participate.

In order to do so, you must initially activate your access to DFN service at the user administration of TU Darmstadt's IDM system. This can be done at IDM portal by clicking “Zustimmungen”.

Instructions can be found within the according menu at DFN-AAI unlock.

Consent is given by help of this activation process. This allows Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ) to forward displayed data to DFN via its authentication and authorisation infrastructure (DFN-AAI) with Shibboleth.

The WebConf Video Conference System of DFN can then be used.

Instructions can be found at Log on to DFN-Webconf menu.