Digital Signage

Digital Signage – Information Displays

You have the option to show news about TU, your department, or your institution on information displays. Content can be exchanged effortlessly at any time and can thus easily be kept up to date.

Service features: What this service offers

  • acquisition, installation and setup of an info display by HRZ
  • upload and control of this display via your browser
  • intuitively operable display management portal with customization options (easy, advanced, expert user)
  • automatic update of content on your display according to preset times
  • display time control (on/off) or 24/7 operation

Displays support the following media formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP.
The data is checked for format and color space during upload and converted if necessary. In addition, the size of the data is checked and scaled accordingly. The aspect ratios are retained so that the images are not distorted.

Who can order the service and where?

The service can be ordered by all TU Darmstadt institutions by sending an e-mail to

Framework conditions

HRZ is responsible for the technical operation of your info display. However, local users are responsible for content design.


A cost contribution for info displays will be charged according to the amount of effort (development and hardware) needed to set up the service. More detailed information on these costs is available upon request.