HRZ operates webcams for external presentation of TU Darmstadt. Images are freely accessible via TU Darmstadt's website and are published worldwide. HRZ is responsible for planning, setting up and operating TU's webcams. In addition, webcams can also be installed to document construction measures at TU Darmstadt.

Service features: What this service offers

  • planning, installation and operation of cameras
  • worldwide publication of camera recordings on TU Darmstadt's website.

Please note that these cameras are used for external presentation and not for surveillance.

Our webcams – TU Darmstadt at a glance

You can find recordings of currently installed webcams on these sites

Who can order a webcam and how?

All institutions of TU Darmstadt can commission the installation of a webcam for the external presentation of, for example, their faculty or their construction project at .

Framework conditions

  • The existing environment or infrastructure must allow installation without any special installation or conversion work.
  • It must be possible to install a data and power connection.
  • Data protection requirements must be fulfilled.


A cost contribution is charged for this service.This depends on the according expenses (development and hardware). More detailed information about such costs is available upon request.