Firewall & VPN für Einrichtungen der TU

Firewall & VPN for TU facilities

Grafik mit einer Firewall

Protect your institute's network!

To protect your institute network against unwanted network access, the HRZ offers you the installation of a firewall at the access to the institute network. The HRZ takes over the configuration, commissioning and operation of the firewall on the basis of customer specifications.

Within the scope of this offer, it is also possible to set up VPN access to the institute network.

Service features: This is what the service offers you

  • Firewall – Securing the customer network against unwanted access from outside
  • Provision of VPN access to the customer network (optional)
  • Securing the network against access from the customer network (optional)
  • Protection of several networks, e.g. server network, DMZ (optional)

The equipment, software and corresponding licenses required for service provision are secured by the HRZ with a maintenance contract and are replaced within the framework of the agreement concluded – after failure.

Details on the scope of functions can be found in the service description.

Technical requirements

Prerequisite for the installation of a firewall are one or more subnets (IPv4/IPv6) at the TU Darmstadt. The VPN client supports Windows, MacOS and Linux as well as iOS and Android.

Who can use this service?

The service is available to institutions of the TU (faculties, central institutions), the central administration, university groups and student bodies.

Please contact us via the web form.

In order to adapt the configuration to your needs, the initial configuration is worked out together with you on the basis of a basic configuration and the appropriate firewall model is selected.

The service will then be available to you on the agreed date. A lead time of one working week must be observed.


The cost for the initial setup and commissioning of the firewall is 200€. The annual rental costs for the most common models are between 450€ and 4700€ with a term of 3 years. (Example of an agreement)

Here you can see the two most used firewall models:

type Interfaces Rental price (per year in Euro) Max. throughput LAN(Mbit/s) Max. throughput VPN(Mbit/s) Max. connections
Firewall S 8x 1G 450 300 100 20.000
Firewall M 8x 1G 650 500 175 100.000
Firewall L 8x 1G 900 900 250 250.000
Firewall XL 16x 1G 1.950 1.500 500 1.000.000
Firewall XXL 12x 1G, 4x 10G 4.700 5.000 1.000 2.000.000

Information on further models with higher bandwidth is available on request.