Grid connections for devices

Grid connections for devices

Netzanschlüsse für Endgeräte

Your connection to TU network!

To be able to operate a local network (institute network) at your institute, department or institution, you need a connection to TU network. This connection is provided by HRZ. The network operation itself is handed over to the respective organizational unit and is handled on its sole responsibility.

HRZ offers:

  • the connection, configuration and maintenance of outlets
  • provision of a contemporary performance in terms of connection speed
  • monitoring of network elements (switch, router etc.)
  • troubleshooting and restoration of grid operation within one working day
  • setting up a new connection and/or changes within one working day as well

Who can use this service? How do I apply for this service?

This service can be ordered by organizational units at TU Darmstadt and also external firms, that work on-campus (contractors, construction companies during a building schedule etc.) .

Please reach us by using our contact form. We will then consult with you on how to proceed. If all manditory requirements are met, grid operation can usually be carried out within 10 business days.

Port management
By using our web tool administrators of institutes and subject areas can have an overview of the status of network ports anytime (after activating the tool) and can profit from easy configuration (for example, switching ports on and off).

General conditions (organizational prerequisites):

In order to use this service, institutions and HRZ most cooperate closely. Both parties need to provide a person of contact for this matter.

  • The building in question needs to be up to date in regard to cabling
  • Clients need to make according keys available to HRZ in order to access the respective distribution rooms that are supposed to be connected per the agreement in reference to this service.
  • An according agreement in terms of grid connections needs to be made.


Prices vary in regard to the number of active grid connections:

  • each active grid connection 1000Base-T costs 25.00 Euros per year.
  • each active copper connection 10GBase-T connection costs 96.00 Euros per year. (Only in designated areas)