Institute networks

Institute networks

In order to set up network operation, each institute at TU Darmstadt can choose between two options. It can decide to have its respective network operated by HRZ up to its respective network connection boxes. However, an institute can also choose to operate its local network on its own, which is when the particular institute receives a network connection to a distributor at its institute's area.

You would like…

Netzanschlüsse für Endgeräte

… HRZ to be in charge of your network?

More information about this service is listed here.


… you want to be in charge of your own network?

More information about this service can be found here.

Planning and setting up networks for institutes in close cooperation between HRZ, Dezernat V and the respective institute. Within a conversation for planning and set-up on-site the respective parties discuss the according approach. Further details are listed in the respective FAQ.