Virtual routing domain (VRF)

TU Darmstadt's network is structured as a routed network (L3 network). L2 networks are not provided outside of buildings.

Meanwhile it is possible to make virtual routing domains (Virtual Routing and Forwarding – VRF) available for TU-Darmstadt's network. This means that a “separate” L3 network can be set up for user groups (e.g. institutes) that are physically distributed over several buildings. Access to this closed network takes place at a defined point and this can be secured via firewall.

Service characteristics: HRZ offers:

  • setting up a closed private network, which can also be arranged across devisions
  • providing an interface and access to this private network
  • supervision of interfaces and traffic between devisions
  • high availability in terms of fail-safety by use of redundancies regarding involved routers
  • end-to-end support for troubleshooting

Please note that L2 networks are not made available outside of buildings.

Who can order this service? How can you apply for it?

This service can be used by organisations at TU Darmstadt.

Please use our contact form in order to reach us. We are happy to consult with you personally.

Framework conditions:

  • HRZ network components that are used at TU Darmstadt need to be MPLS-capable. This is verified by HRZ as soon as you apply for this service and inform us about the areas that you want to have covered.
  • An agreement between your institute and HRZ is concluded.


Service/Product Price
Setting up one VRF per integrated network/location 100,00€ 0,00€
Operation and maintenance of this configuration 0,00€ 100,00€

Calculation example

Institute Y has some office space in one building, as well as two laboratories in two different testing facilities.

The three locations are to be connected by a separate VRF. The connection to TU's network will be set up by use of a firewall. It is installed at the main site of this operation.

  • One-time setup fee:
    • Setup of these 3 gateways: 3 x 100 Euro = 300 Euro
  • annual fee:
    • Operation of these gateways: 3 x 100 Euro = 300 Euro