Fixed Network Tariffs

Information about standing charges and call rates

Standing charges regard the operation of the telecommunication system. Further billing in terms of tariffs is regulated according to a scale of charges that depends on the provider.

Standing fees and reserving a particular phone number

Reserving a phone number entails reserving available numbers within a numbering area, in order to use them at a later point in time.
Standing fee per month: 7,- € (internal users)
10,- € (external users, companies, groups associated with colleges and universities etc.)
Reserving a phone number: 1,- € per month and number


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  • Call-by-Call is no longer available.
  • Special applications, like DECT systems, and their financial measures must be undertaken by clients. Agreements need to be made according to each individual case.
  • It is not possible to use TU Darmstadt's networks in case of connections that are made available by private providers.