Windows Client Management für Admins

Windows client-management for adminstrators

Our service, Windows client-management for administrators, offers standardisation and management for IT workstations in a Windows-based environment for employees at your TU institution. Due to HRZ's supplied infrastructure, your IT staff can efficiently manage and supervise your users' devices and according resources independently and as local administrators.

Service features: Windows client-management for administrators offers

  • an infrastructure for standardised management of Windows workstations (PCs/ notebooks)
  • equipping devices with current software
  • universal general and security settings and patches with fixed conditions
  • network drives for individual and shared management of business data
  • instruction and support for local administrators
  • central print queues for network printers
  • remote maintenance system for local administration

How do I order this service and who can order it?

Subject areas, deaneries and central institutions at TU Darmstadt (except for ZV) can order this service, as well as any individual with TU-ID.

If you want to order this service, please use our contact format for HRZ Service. In order to use this service, consultation, inventory and equipment analysis is mandatory.

Organisational framework conditions

Technical requirements


Costs for installing and managing according devices that are agreed upon per contract are listed in the respective lists. These conditions also apply to support in case of problems, trouble shooting etc. Costs in terms of investments and licences for devices and software need to be payed for by according clients.