Issuing offices of the Athena Card

You want to pick up your Athena Card? Employees receive their Athena Card at the HRZ-Service desk that is responsible for their respective department. Due to the current situation and restrictions imposed by Covid-19, students (even if they are additional employees) will have their Athena Card mailed to their current semester address.

As soon as your Athena Card is issued and available, you will receive an email notification. Please wait for this message before you go to the pickup.

Issuing office: HRZ-Service Stadtmitte S1|02 Room 036

Opening hours: see opening hours: Servicetheke Stadtmitte (service counter).

The following organisational units will receive their Athena Card at the HRZ-Service Stadtmitte issuing point:

Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) Gesellschafts- und Geschichtswissenschaften (Social Sciences and History) Humanwissenschaften (Human Sciences)
Informatik (Computer Science) Mathematik (Mathematics) Physik (Physics)
Rechts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Legal Sciences and Economic Sciences) Studienbereich Informationstechnik (Information Technology) Staatliche Materialprüfungsanstalt (MPA) (Federal Institute for Materials)
Studienbereich Mechanik (Mechanics) Studienbereich Mechatronik (Mechatronics) Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek (ULB) (University and State Library)
Universitätsverwaltung (Zentrale Verwaltung) (Central Administration) Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ) (Computing Centre) Hochschuldidaktische Arbeitsstelle (HDA) (Didactic Facility for Academia)

Issuing office: HRZ-Service Lichtwiese L1|01 Room 62

Opening office: see opening hours: Servicetheke Lichtwiese (service counter)

The following organisational units will receive their Athena Card at the HRZ-Service Lichtwiese issuing point:

Architektur (Architecture) Bauingenieurwesen und Geodäsie (Civil Engineering and Geodesy) Biologie (Biology)
Chemie (Chemistry) Material- und Geowissenschaften* (Material and Earth Science) Maschinenbau ohne MPA
Unisport-Zentrum (USZ) (Sports Department)

*In case you want to pick up your card at another site, please contact us beforehand via hotline or contact form. We frequently commute between Stadtmitte and Lichtwiese and can deposit your Athena Card at the desired location for you.