High Performance Computing
Lichtenberg High Performance Computer of TU Darmstadt

The series of Lichtenberg High Performance Computers provides computing resources to scientists at German universities and public research institutions.

TU Darmstadt is one of the centres of Zentren des Nationalen Hochleistungsrechnens (NHR) and a member of the Gauß-Allianz für Hochleistungsrechnen.

User groups

Scientists at German universities and public research institutions can use this service.

Service characteristics

High Performance Computing offers...

The multifaceted architecture of the high performance computer allows for flexible and efficient scientific computing, especially for computationally intensive applications.

The experts of the Hessisches Kompetenzzentrum für Hochleistungsrechnen, HKHLR (Hessian Competence Center for High Performance Computing), will provide for consultancy and scientific support on using the cluster efficiently. Training on the use of high-performance computers is offered within the framework of the HKHLR, the NHR Network and the Gauß-Allianz.

The new high-performance computer Lichtenberg II again includes large memory nodes (this time with 1.5 TByte RAM) as well as new “accelerator” systems with NVIDIA GP-GPUs.

The first expansion stage of Lichtenberg II will provide its users with a real peak performance of up to 3.03 PFlop/s and a total of 257 TByte RAM. This also includes a new powerful storage system with about 4 PByte for data.

Towards the end of 2021, the Lichtenberg II high performance computer will be finally extended and completed by its second major expansion stage.

For accessing and using the Lichtenberg cluster as a scientist, the following is necessary:

1) Project: you need a project to account the computing resources on. The application can be found here Project Application.

2) User account: A user account must be released which is assigned to a project, i.e. the project manager indicates who is assigned to the project. The user account is assigned to exactly one person and is managed via the TU-ID. For this purpose, an application for using the high-performance computer must be submitted: Application.

n order to have a smooth and efficient start of work with the Lichtenberg high performance computer, we advise all new users to attend the ”Introduction to the Lichtenberg High Performance Computer“.

This service is free of charge for you.