File service


File service

Do you need storage space for your work group?

With our file service you, as an institution of TU Darmstadt, have the possibility to store your shared data on central memory. The storage space can be accessed at any time and is flexibly scalable.

Service characteristics: our file service offers …

  • storage on central network drives in TU's network
  • access and authorization control with TU-ID
  • integration in a file system operated with Windows, Linux, Mac
  • access protocols: SMB (version 2 and higher)
  • external access via TU-VPN
  • fixed roles for authorization control
  • regular snapshot data backup with the possibility of individual recovery of previous file versions

Details on the range of functions can be found in the service description.

General conditions

A current, maintained and SMB-compatible (version 2 and higher) operating system must be installed on the terminal devices. Further organizational conditions for this service can be found in the service description.


Fees apply exclusively to organizational units of TU Darmstadt.

Order file service

The service is aimed at all institutions of TU Darmstadt. Please use our web form to order the file service.

If your institution already uses our file service, you can request changes to the service via this forms.

Note: Customers who are already using IT workplace management cannot order this service. Please contact our support.