Your institute computer in professional server rooms

Departments, subject areas and institutes at TU Darmstadt can store their computing clusters conveniently and cost-effeciently in the computer rooms of Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ) and make use of its Housing service.

Service features: This is what the service offers you

  • maintenance and procurement of infrastructure (e.g. climate, network, electricity)
  • lockable rack compartments (1/2 rack = 18 height units, 1 rack = 40 height units)
  • air-cooled footprint (further requirements upon request)
  • security through structural framework conditions and access control
  • electrical and air-conditioned infrastructure specifically designed for server rooms
  • continuous access to server rooms to carry out independent administration and maintenance of your computers
  • access to server rooms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Further details can be found in the service description for HRZ housing.

Framework conditions

  • Computers must be suitable for 19" standard racks at HRZ and must be installed there.
  • Air cooling is provided by cold aisle containment or racks with water-cooled rear doors.
  • The power density is
    • max. 10kW for racks with air cooling.
    • max. 20kW for racks with water-cooled rear doors.
  • Minimum output size: a multiple of 8 height units (whole rack has 40 height units).
  • When computers are set up, they must be fully remotely administrable.
  • Each institute is responsible for the administration and maintenance of its own computers.

Order the service

The service is exclusively offered to and provided for institutions at TU Darmstadt. If you would like to use this service please send an e-mail to .


The rack space is provided at the following prices:

- 8 height units = 120,- Euro per year
- 1/2 rack = 300,- Euro per year
- 1 rack = 600,- Euro per year

The operating costs include maintenance costs, repairs, materials, connection costs (network) and electricity costs on a pro rata basis. All other operating costs for housing will be borne provisionally from central funds.