Storage, Backup and Server

The HRZ maintains a high-performance computer and various real and virtual servers. It offers facilities of the TU Darmstadt a professional backup system for data backup as well as a data protection compliant Sync&Share system.


TSM-Backup/Data backup

The HRZ offers you a professional backup system for backing up your own data.

File service

With our file service you, as an institution of TU Darmstadt, have the possibility to store your shared data on central memory.


Hessenbox-DA offers an alternative to commercial services that complies with data protection and copyright laws. It allows files to be stored online and synchronized between different devices.

High-performance computer

The Lichtenberg high-performance computer is available at the TU Darmstadt for scientific work. The versatile architecture of the high-performance computer offers the best conditions for a flexible and efficient use and especially for computation-intensive applications.


Institutions of TU Darmstadt can store their computing clusters conveniently and cost-effectively in the computer rooms of the Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ) and make use of the Housing service of the HRZ.

Media server

The university computer centre operates the servers necessary for the distribution of video streams on the Internet. This enables services such as live transmission of events, video-on-demand and download of media files.

Virtual Servers

With the Virtual Server (V-Server) service, the HRZ provides a central service that facilitates the setup and operation of virtual machines. You use existing server infrastructure without having to purchase additional hardware.