Media Servers – Streaming and Download Servers:

HRZ is in charge of servers that are needed to provide video streaming. Accordingly, the following services are made possible:

Live streaming sessions:

HRZ's group: “Mediendienste” lends out transmitters that can be used throughout TU Darmstadt's campus (and especially in large lecture halls). By help of these transmitters it is possible to live stream lectures.

Video on demand:

Any desired video material (complex productions and also live recordings) can be saved to according servers as video streams. These are ascribed to our group “Medientdienste”. Videos can be accessed on demand.

Downloading media data:

Requested multimedia data can also be saved to “Mediendienste” media servers. They are made available as downloads via ftp. Currently, this option is mainly used in order to be able to distribute recordings of lectures within TU Darmstadt's Intranet.

access TU Darmstadt's media server