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Virtual Server

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HRZ Virtual Server

Safe, reliable and flexible

HRZ's virtual server (V-Server) service provides a central service that simplifies the setup and operation of virtual machines. By choosing this service, you can benefit from existing server infrastructure without having to procure your own hardware. At the same time you remain the responsible administrator of your virtual machines.

Service features: This is what the service offers you

  • high-performance network and storage infrastructure
  • highly available technology without additional hardware maintenance for users
  • monitoring of central infrastructure
  • disaster recovery
  • demand-driven expansion of your resource
  • reliably planned and announced system times

Framework conditions

  • The subnet/IP address for your server is specified by HRZ or must be available in the central server room.
  • Computer logon is performed by HRZ.
  • In the event of security incidents, HRZ is authorized to lock virtual servers on the network side (security agreement).
  • Users are responsible for application-specific backups.

Details on the scope of functions can be found in the service description (in German).

Order the service

Virtual servers are available for institutions at TU Darmstadt. As part of these institutions it is possible to request a V-Server via our online form. You can also individually calculate the costs for your equipment.


We have two different basic packages to choose from, which reflect the current service requirements:

  • An overview of the basic packages and prices can be found here.
  • Information about the offered operating system versions can be found here.