Renting media devices at TU Darmstadt

Members of facilities at TU Darmstadt can rent media devices at Stadtmitte and Lichtwiese. It is also possible for student groups to rent equipment for seminars, exercises and projects, if according responsible facilities vouch for this procedure.

How and where can I rent media devices?

It is possible to rent media devices at the respective desks at HRZ-Service Stadtmitte and Lichtwiese. Please be sure to check whether the devices you want to rent are available before hand and make according reservations. You can see what is available by looking it up in our booking system. However, reservations can only be made by filling out our reservation format online.

Before picking up your equipment it is mandatory to fill out the necessary form, “Geräteabholschein”. Please make sure it is stamped and signed as well.

When making your reservation, please note the opening hours of our HRZ service counters.

Note: During the lecture-free period, the opening hours are subject to change!

Media devices available Stadtmitte Lichtwiese
Battery sound system 3 2
Powered speaker 4  
Recording set 9 3
Beamer 10 3
Digital audio recorder 1 1
HD Digital video cameras 3 2
C band radio set 2 1
Projection Screens 5  
Overhead projectors 2  
Lectern 1  
Tripods 5 3

General conditions:

  • Renting and returning media devices is only possible during opening hours from Monday to Friday. Opening hours vary during lecture-free time.
  • Please remember to make sure that requested devices are available by checking our booking system.
  • Media equipment can only be reserved up to 6 weeks ahead of time. We kindly advise you to keep the specific time you may need in order to prepare for your respective project in mind.
  • During lecture-free time media devices can only be rented for a maximum of three days. However, during lecture time this is possible for up to 14 days.

Please note:

  • If you need a media device on a regular basis for an ongoing class, do not hesistate to let us know.
  • We appreciate information about your experience with our available media equipment. Please let us know about any problems you may have with it. If this turns out to be the case please include a brief error description, if possible.
  • Please try not to give out any rented devices to collegues or friends. You are and remain responsible, if these people do not return them to HRZ.


TU Darmstadt members can rent media devices at HRZ-Service free of charge.

TU Darmstadt facilities are liable for any loss or defect that is self-inflicted by the renting parties they are responsible for, as disclosed in the according form.