• Your computer does not boot anymore?
  • You want to install a new software, but your PC maintainer is on vacation?
  • You have problems accessing the servers of the HRZ?

Then order a student employee of the HRZ!

If you have an IT problem and your IT workstation equipment is not supported within the framework of IT workstation management, a student assistant of the HRZ can help you solve the problem directly on site. The help covers workstations, printers, laptops and mobile devices.

Service features: What are we doing?

The Rent-a-HiWi service is designed to solve common problems associated with operating workstation PCs.

Among other things, we help with…

Grafik zeigt PC und mit Logos von verschiedenen Betriebssystemen.

…setting up operating systems.

We set up your work computer including operating system and standard software.

Grafik eines Netzwerkdruckers. Created by 'ehrich (Ehrich, Evelyn) (Ehrich, Evelyn)' on uploading a picture

…setting up a network printer.

If a new network printer is to be used in the office, we will help you set it up.

Grafik zeigt einen kranken PC, der verarztet wird.

…fighting malware.

We free your work computer from viruses.

Grafik zeigt zwei Smartphones, die Daten austauschen. Created by 'ehrich (Ehrich, Evelyn) (Ehrich, Evelyn)' on uploading a picture

…data transfer from smartphones.

When the old smartphone is replaced, we move your data and contacts to the new device.

The Rent-a-HiWi service is suitable for processing individual clearly defined and time-limited orders. The service cannot provide continuous support for your entire IT operations.

A detailed service description can be found in the PDF (in German).

Who can use the Rent-a-Hiwi service? How do I place an order?

The service can be used by all facilities of the TU (departments, central facilities) as well as the central administration. The order enquiry is made via an online form.

Please describe your problem as precisely as possible. Name the operating system, important hardware and installed software. Try to narrow down the actual problem as precisely as possible. The more precisely you describe your problem, the faster we can find the person with the necessary expertise to solve it.


This service costs 20,- Euro per hour, whereby the first started hour is always fully charged, after that it is rounded up to the started half hour. Billing is done via your TU cost center.