Our Services

Our Services

As a competence center in information technology (IT), the University Computer Center (HRZ) at TU Darmstadt offers central IT services for research, teaching and study. We plan, build and operate the university's central information and communication infrastructure and offer high-performance systems for scientific computing.

The Annual Report 2018 of Hochschulrechenzentrum (in German) provides an overview of HRZ's services in 2018.

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What HRZ offers TU Darmstadt's students:

HRZ is the main point of contact in terms of all services and applications students may need and questions they might have on a daily basis at TU Darmstadt. more


What we offer employees and institutions:

HRZ takes care of a list of extensive IT services within the facilities at TU Darmstadt for employees. more


Complete catalogue:

The complete catalogue contains the full range of what HRZ offers. Here, you can find an overview of and information about features, costs and usage modalities in terms of our services. more


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