Notes for new employees

Are you new at TU Darmstadt? Take the following steps to get off to a good start!

Step 1: Activate your TU-ID!

TU-ID is your central user ID. This gives you access to various TU Darmstadt systems, such as WiFi and TUCaN. In order to activate your TU-ID, you need your personnel number, your date of birth and an activation code. The activation code will be sent to you in a letter by in-house mail.

By activating your TU-ID you will also automatically receive your central e-mail address. This address is read, for example, when the presidium of the TU Darmstadt writes to all members of the TU Darmstadt.

Your organizational unit operates its own e-mail server?

If your organizational unit operates its own e-mail server, you have to forward the central e-mail address to your personal mailbox. Please set up this forwarding as soon as possible.

Step 2: Apply for your Athene Card!

Athene Card combines various functions that are helpful at TU Darmstadt on a daily basis. It can be used to pay for cafeteria purchases and it is a user card for Unisport-Zentrum and the university and state library (ULB). For employees, an Athene Card is available with or without a passport photo.


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