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You have been called to TU Darmstadt?

For a successful start, find an overview and links to the most important HRZ services and offers below.

Planning your relocation

activate TU-ID order hardware apply for groupware upload a photo for your Athene Card get a landline use local area networking at your institute receive your Athene Card apply for mobile equip your PC with software for your workstation access WiFi

Activate your TU-ID

TU-ID is your central user ID at TU Darmstadt. This gives you access to various TU Darmstadt systems, such as WiFi, access to TU's network off-campus (VPN) and also to the campus management system (TUCaN). You must activate your TU-ID before using it. next

Get an Athene Card

Athene Card combines various functions that are helpful on a daily basis at TU Darmstadt. It can be used to pay for meals in our cafeterias, it is your user card for Darmstadt's university and state library (ULB) and also for TU Darmstadt's Unisport-Zentrum (USZ). It also serves to authenticate your mobility card (job ticket and central parking card). more

Organize your e-mails and appointments in groupware

HRZ offers Microsoft Exchange groupware for organizing e-mails and appointments. This groupware combines your e-mail inbox with organizing appointments, contacts and tasks. more

Make mobile calls

The state of Hesse has framework contracts with T-Mobile for mobile communication. Employees at TU Darmstadt can individualize these tariffs based on various options. Particular conditions will allow you to port an existing mobile phone number. Please note that this process usually requires a lead time of four weeks. more

Use TU Darmstadt's WiFi

You can use free WiFi at TU Darmstadt with your TU-ID. TU Darmstadt is a member of the eduroam network. Therefore, you can also log onto our WiFi at other universities within this network. You can independently generate WiFi guest accounts for guests and event participants. more

Use the wired network (LAN) at your institute

You can have your institute network managed by HRZ or operate it yourself. (Exception: HRZ is responsible for network support in all buildings leased for TU Darmstadt). more

Applying for a telephone connection

New connections, removals or notices of departure – HRZ operates the infrastructure for landlines at TU Darmstadt and provides according devices. more

Purchase hardware for your workstation

You can obtain your workplace equipment – computer, keyboard, mouse, etc. – from a range of hardware offered by our IT-Shop. TU Darmstadt's PC workshop will also send defective equipment to the manufacturer/supplier for repair. more

Equip your workstation with software

HRZ has concluded contracts for campus and state licenses. This allows you to purchase certain software products at a discounted price. Sophos anti-virus software is available for free.more

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