Mobile working

Mobile working

We support you in your mobile work with the following tools

Important security advice: Using private end devices

Using private computers can facilitate mobile working for employees of TU Darmstadt. Please make sure that you install up-to-date virus protection on your devices and keep the software you use up to date (install updates regularly). If you have Windows7 or even XP on your computer, please make sure to update it. This way you keep your own device and the TU network safe!

Please note the security advices.

Webconferencing Tools

With the help of web conferencing tools, audio and video conferences can be conducted on the web or on mobile devices. In particular, you can share your screen or particular windows, record the conference and create a Video stream.

Call forwarding

As part of the measures to facilitate mobile work, all telephone connections at the Technical University of Darmstadt were authorised to set up call forwarding from your business telephone to an external connection (business mobile phone or private connection).

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VPN (Virtual Private Network)

TU-VPN is your secure and authenticated connection to the TU network. As a member of the TU Darmstadt you can access the TU data network from outside or use this secure connection to reach the Internet.

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The Sync & Share system offers employees and students of the TU Darmstadt file hosting compliant to the information privacy policy.

Hessenbox-DA allows you to store files such as projects, presentations, scripts or homework and access them with different devices.. Text documents can be edited simultaneously with the help of the OnlyOffice tool.

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Groupware Weboberfläche

The groupware web interface allows you to access your central e-mail address via your Internet browser. Your data can be accessed online and is available to you at any time

The web interface offers you the most important functions such as mailboxes, calendar, tasks, out of office notification and address books.

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All owners of a TU-ID can use Jabber as an encrypted chat client. The client can be used in the TU network as well as mobile.

If you have a Cisco device as your business phone, you can also use Jabber to make calls. Furthermore you are reachable for calls under your business number.

If you have a Alcatel device as your business phone, we can register you as a client-based user on the Cisco system, if you wish.

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