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Offers for students at TU Darmstadt

HRZ provides all IT-support for students at TU Darmstadt. This includes all services, applications and questions about these topics in everyday life at TU Darmstadt. For example, we are in charge of TU-ID, the Athene Card and internet access. We are also responsible for media technology at TU locations.
Our flyer contains a brief overview of the services offered by HRZ.

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Our services for students Quicklinks
Identity management and authentication
Athene Card
Linux Mailbox
Net and Internet
University-wide WLAN (eduroam)
Central VPN access  
Workplaces for students
Pool rooms (PC Pools)
Printing and scanning
Media services and E-Learning
E-learning platforms
Media equipment rental  
Web conferencing tool -Zoom
Jabber client (Chat) Students can use the chat function of the Jabber client to communicate with TU members in a quick and uncomplicated way.
IT security
Antivirus software
Registration authority DFN-PKI
Incident management