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Web Content Management System (WCMS) First Spirit

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Design your website at the TU Darmstadt!

With the central Web Content Management System (WCMS) FirstSpirit, you as an institution or group of the TU Darmstadt create your websites in the corporate design of the TU Darmstadt.

A half-day training course is sufficient to get to know the system and work with it. No programming skills are required.

Who can use the WCMS? How do I apply for a new website? Where do I register as FirstSpirit editor?

FirstSpirt is available to all institutions of the TU Darmstadt. New websites can be requested from the web team of the TU Darmstadt. The following user groups can be granted editing rights in FirstSpirit:

  • Employees of the TU
  • Guests and Partners (with TU-ID)
  • Lecturers
  • Student Assistants

New editors register here.

Further information, detailed instructions and FAQ lists can be found on the webteam pages.

Service features: What the HRZ offers you

The HRZ operates the central WCMS FirstSpirit and offers various support services to editors:

  • Page templates in the current corporate design of the TU Darmstadt, which simplify the creation of new pages for editors
  • the analysis tool Matamo for recording relevant website data such as visitor numbers, search terms, page views, etc.
  • comprehensive support websites with detailed information, a knowledge database and necessary forms for editors
  • Software training courses to teach the basics for new editors

Details on the scope of functions can be found in the service description.

Technical requirements

To use FirstSpirit, editors require the SiteArchitect and the Java WebStart Launcher contained in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If the installation/use of JRE is not possible, you can use the FirstSpirit Launcher as an alternative.

The editorial system can only be started from computers within the TU network or via a connection via VPN client.


The FirstSpirit web content management system is available to all TU Darmstadt facilities free of charge.