Video Conferencing Systems – Upgrade BigBlueButton – BBB Version 2.6

Improved audio & video processing and user experience


From now on the version BBB 2.6 is available for the users of the TU Darmstadt.

All new features of version BBB 2.6 have been documented by the BBB project:

Improved audio & video processing as well as an improved user experience were the focus of the development:

  • Own background images for webcams (for this, move the slider all the way to the right and click on +)
  • Revised layout selection
  • Easy moving of people between breakout rooms
  • Whiteboard with new functions and eraser
  • Whiteboard with annotations downloadable as slides
  • and much more…

Leaving or ending conferences

There is a change when leaving or ending a conference:

  • Leave conference is now the penultimate menu item.
  • End conference for all is now the last menu item. It is also highlighted in red.