Close security gap

Perform Sophos installation – please be sure to follow these instructions!


With July 2023, the switch to Sophos Central will become mandatory. Please do this as soon as possible. Since 20.07.2023, the old Sophos antivirus no longer receives updates and is therefore insecure.

We had already pointed out the necessity of the software change in May.

If you have not yet made the switch to Sophos Central, you should do so as soon as possible, as the old Sophos antivirus software no longer receives updates and therefore represents a security risk.

Please note the following during installation

Please be sure to use the correct setup routine, which we provide directly in the unpacked folder after unpacking the ZIP file. This will install the correct modules and register the unit correctly in the central console.

Under no circumstances should the internal Sophos setup file in the “bin” folder be used. This is executed without parameters and thus leads to incorrect and incomplete installations (only the XDR sensor is installed), which create unnecessary additional work.

Further information on installation can be found in the download at

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