Softwarelizenzen Startseite

Software licenses at TU Darmstadt


Unless otherwise stated on the software product pages, you can purchase licenses for a fee via HRZ's software portal – asknet.. Access is only possible via intranet/eduroam/network at TU Darmstadt. In order to buy software at the online shop, you have to initially register online.

The software portal “Studyhouse”is available for students as well.

“Free” Cloud Applications

Several manufacturers apparently offer free use of their products if user data is stored in the manufacturer's cloud, which can be locted outside the EU. We consider this procedure to be questionable under data protection law and expressly do not refer to such offers.

Please be aware of where your data will be stored exactly and who can access it if you plan to use such a product. We advise against storing your data outside the EU.

If you wish to use a data protection-compliant cloud service, we suggest Hessenbox.

Product/Program Industry (type of program) Available to students
Abaqus CFD and FEM software (Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Elements) yes, free licenses
adobe ETLA Rental licences
numerous adobe products
Adobe CLP Purchase licences
e.g. Adobe Acrobat, Elements
currently NO graphics software like Illustrator or InDesign, until 3.1.2019
Altair Hyperworks CAE and simulation software  
Ansys CFD and FEM software yes, free version
Autodesk CAD-Software yes, free versions for students directly from the manufacturer
Citavi Literature management yes
Corel Graphic design software  
DIAdem Part of LabVIEW yes, part of LabVIEW Student License
Endnote Literature management yes
Fluent Bought up by ansys  
IBM SPSS Statistics Statistics Software limited contingent for students available from asknet
jBeam Data analysis yes, free download
Labview Measurement data processing and plant control yes, free download
Mathematica Symbolic and Numerical Mathematics Purchase via studyhouse
Matlab Mathemat. Software Purchase through asknet
Microsoft Imagine Application, System and Server Products Please ask for details in your area of expertise.
Microsoft Select Application, system and server products no
MSC CFD- and FEM Software  
NX Siemens PLM Software Planning and Simulation Software  
office   Office OnlyOffice Applications from the Hessenbox
PTC Pro/E Wildfire 3D-CAD  
SAS Analytics Software yes, can be used online free of charge after registration
Sophos Antivirus Antivirus software yes, free of charge