New SPAM/virus filter for e-mails

The University Computer Centre (HRZ) is changing its SPAM/virus defence provider on 01 July 2023. You can find out exactly what is happening and what to do on this page.

Introduction of new SPAM/virus filters for e-mails via the German Research Network (DFN)

The University Computer Centre (HRZ) is changing its SPAM/virus defence provider. From July 2023, the HRZ will manage the SPAM and virus defence through the Deutsches Forschungsnetz (DFN). The previous provider Sophos will discontinue its Puremessage product on 1 July. The switch to the portal solution of the DFN offers increased protection of the central mail gateway and thus makes an important contribution to the increased security level in the scientific network.

E-mail users at the TU Darmstadt don't have to take any action. For them, the change will happen unnoticed.
However, as the administrator of your department's email mailbox server, we ask you to take action by 27 June 2023.

Please note urgently:
If the changeover does not take place by 01 July 2023, e-mail reception will no longer be possible!

What happens concretely?

In future, all incoming and outgoing e-mails will be routed via the DFN portal. The previous entry of the MX record for e-mail domains will thus be invalidated.

In future it will be as follows:

  • Each e-mail domain that receives e-mails must be registered by the HRZ.
  • The HRZ then enters the corresponding MX records so that e-mails sent to this e-mail domain pass through the DFN mail portal.
  • In the second step, the HRZ ensures that the e-mails of the e-mail domain scanned and cleaned in this way are forwarded to the corresponding target servers (more precisely, mailbox servers).

What to do?

As an administrator of a decentralised e-mail mailbox server

  • you must submit a one-time request to the HRZ authorising it to switch the MX record to the DFN mail portal.
  • and inform the HRZ to which e-mail server the corresponding e-mail domain is to be forwarded.

When will the changeover start?

The changeover can be made immediately and at any time.

Until when does the changeover have to be made?

As the previous software solution will expire on 01 July 2023, all changes must be made by 30 June 2023. As the changes may take up to 2 working days, please submit your request to the HRZ by 27 June 2023 at the latest.

Who can I contact with specific questions and problems?

We will be happy to answer your questions at . Please state “DFN-Mailschutz” as the subject.