Compilers and Scripting Languages

The following list will be amended and updated regularly. The real and up-to-date list of compilers (and versions) available can be seen with the command module avail or module spider , respectively.

Currently (April 2020) installed are:

Compiler options

There are various options to achieve the best performance with a given compiler.
We recommend to set the following parameters:

Intel Compiler: '-O2 -march=sandybridge -mtune=haswell'

GNU Compiler: '-O2 -march=sandybridge -mtune=haswell'
The options '-Ofast' or '-O3' are possible, too. However, they are not suitable to all codes, and can lead to problems with some programs.

A few older compiler versions may require the options -march=corei7-avx -mtune=core-avx2 instead.